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Jørgen Leth – Andy Warhol Eating a Hamburger

Posted on March 20th, by Dorthe Smeby in Visual arts.
As the Andy Warhol fans we are, Nytt Rom likes the video about Leths scene: Andy Warhol Eating a Hamburger. Great idea and great Andy.

The Munch Museum & Snøhetta

Posted on February 19th, by Dorthe Smeby in Visual arts.
The recently opened Melgaard+Munch exhibition kicks off an exciting collaboration between the Munch Museum and Snøhetta.

Fredrik Raddum at Galleri Brandstrup

Posted on January 5th, by Dorthe Smeby in Visual arts.
Artist Fredrik Raddums new exhibition "Cover Up" opens Thursday 8th of January at Galleri Brandstrup in Oslo, with conceptual sculptures creating a world of characters in different situations.


Posted on December 9th, by Dorthe Smeby in Architecture, Design, graphic design, Interior, media, People, Photography, Products, Travel, Visual arts.
NYTT ROM #43, The Kontrast Issue, is for sale now. Here´s a sneak peek.

Advice to Young Creatives

Posted on December 7th, by Dorthe Smeby in Visual arts.
A small sunday treat: Danish-Islandic artist Olafur Eliasson gives advice to young creatives in a recent video from Louisiana Channel, recommending them to take risks and produce meaningful work.

Media Architecture Biennale 2014

Posted on November 27th, by Dorthe Smeby in Architecture, Visual arts.
Media architecture is an increasingly important digital layer in cities worldwide, and the Media Architecture Biennale 2014 was this year held in Aarhus, Denmark. Here are the winners.


Posted on November 20th, by Dorthe Smeby in Design, graphic design, Visual arts.
Arrivals was started in 2012 by Swedish Antonia von Euler and Irena Steindorsdottir, and is an online art shop offering limited edition prints from up and coming artists, illustrators and photographers.

Snøhetta + Magne Furuholmen

Posted on November 15th, by Dorthe Smeby in graphic design, Visual arts.
Snøhetta, in collaboration with Magne Furuholmen, have designed the packaging and bottle for the latest Braastad XO Contemporary, with on French traditions meeting Scandinavian cool.

Marina Abramovic documentary

Posted on November 2nd, by Dorthe Smeby in Visual arts.
Instant inspiration: the new documentary about performance artist Marina Abramovic made by Swedish program Kobra, taking the pulse of contemporary art worldwide.